Sunday, March 12, 2017

Random Vegas

Rated 1 - 10 (with 10 being a must see)...

This was the best part of Fremont Street and was easily the best meal I had in Vegas!  Upon walking in you have to put on a hospital gown and the heart attack theme is everywhere throughout the restaurant (the music videos were hysterical - loved when Olivia Newton-John's Heart Attack came on).

Only had a hamburger there, but it was a Triple Bypass Burger (each burger was massive) with 15 pieces of bacon added on.  The burger was super yummy.  Could have used a little more ketchup & mustard but I didn't want to make things any more messy than they already were lol.

Shawn & I both ordered the same thing to see who could finish more.  The danger in not finishing your meal - your waitress / nurse will spank you.  Hard.  With a paddle.  And with a view outside where a crowd watches it happen.  Shawn left about half a burger - I left one small bite (how could you go there and not experience the spanking - plus couldn't let my buddy go through it alone).  The spanking hurt.  Our waitress put every ounce of strength in her body into it.  But still 100% worth the visit.

If you're scared of the paddle, order the single burger - that can easily be finished.

Our first meal in Vegas and whoa was it a lot of food.  And good food at that!  I'll be back and next time I'm trying the red sauce (had meat sauce this time - it was good, but need to try the original).

My first lobster ever and it's lobster-on-a-stick!  I liked, so ready for plain lobster next.


I had the sausage, egg & cheese and a buttermilk biscuit - it was meh.  But the name is priceless lol.

I was extremely excited with the gelato - had 9 servings I think!  I was extremely stunned by the price, which resulted in a 2 for the review.

Oh and they had caviar on the buffet!  For an extra $150.00 - umm no.

A pic must.  Get ready for a long line if you go during the day.

The old section of Vegas but you gotta include it on any Vegas trip.  It's like a seedy Niagara Falls Clifton Hill.

AHKOB  (9)

Free!  Hidden inside the Louis Vuitton store in City Center.  I'd give it a 10 if pics were allowed.  But well worth a stop.  Make sure to leave 45 minutes for the complete tour - it's worth it.  And absolutely make a reservation a week or two before you go!

GLACIA  (10)

Free!  Also inside City Center.  I love weird art like this.

It was a cool show, but I was hoping for more acrobatics and less theatrical stuff.  I yawned through the Cirque show I saw in Pigeon Forge too, so maybe not for me.

I first saw the show 3 days before my Vegas trip, so I wasn't really too familiar with this.  But the people were awesome at this store - super nice.  But none of the shows' stars were there the day we were.

Shawn & I wanted to visit the absolute worst casino in Vegas.  Something old, run down & completely off the beaten path.  We saw this from the freeway & figured it had to be the place.  It was definitely run down and only had one blackjack table going when we went - good signs for success.

But then things went far different than we expected.  Two people at the full blackjack table offered to get up and let us play (what?!) and one of the pit bosses was questioning who was winning and was then happy to see it was us.  No, this wasn't the worst casino - this was one with the nicest people.  I absolutely plan to return here on my next visit!

We were running late when we got here so couldn't stay long.  Which is sad as the classic pinball & video game selection was awesome.  It's free admission & the video game prices are also very retro:  25-cents for 3 - 5 balls at pinball and 25-cents for the arcade games.  Another spot I gotta return to next visit.  Give this at least 90 minutes if you go!